SHS 5th annual scientific conference

In collaboration with Gezira University and Madani Cardiac Center
27-28 Januarry 2017
Venue: Gezira University, Faculty of Medicine , 
International Conference Hall, Wad Madani, Gezira state.
Theme: Practical evidence-based approach to improve cardiac services in Sudan.

Invited faculty included :

Dr Chiara Lestuzzi . Dr Lestuzzi is a cardiologist working at the National Cancer Institute with vast experience and publication on cardio-oncology.  She presented on cardiotoxicity of chemotherapeutic agents and how to set up cardio-oncology clinics. It was a joint session in collaboration with Madani Cardiac Center.

Prof Zahir yousif, a consultant cardiologist at University Hospital of Wales & University of East Anglia. He is also the medical director for pace4life. One of the highlights of the conference was his presentation on “Reused  pacemakers” and how it can help developing countries secure much needed devices. He also delivered a preconference practical workshop on ICD implantation at Madani cardiac center.

Abdallah Ashmaig an eminent cardiothoracic surgeon in Jeddah , Kingdom Saudi Arabia presented on how to establish a sustainable cardiac surgery program and had very valuable contributions throughout the conference.

Abdelrahman Jameel,  a cardiologist at National guard Hospital in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with vast experience in cardiac imaging. He delivered a comprehensive preconference workshop on trans-esophageal echocardiogram.