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Sudan Heart society (SHS) is an academic society for cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and pediatric cardiologists practicing in Sudan, founded in 2003. Late Prof. Siddig Ahmed Ismail was its first president.

In February 2012 a new executive committee was elected by the General Assembly. It launched a series of revival academic activities which started with monthly academic symposia discussing topics of relevance to practice in Sudan and with shared interest between cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and pediatric cardiologists.

Courses and workshops are organized to the medical community and cardiologists in Khartoum and other remote States targeting young doctors focusing on cardiac emergencies and other topics.

The First International Conference of the society was held in January 2013 and is one of the great achievements of this society.

The Conference proved to be a huge success with a strong presence of Sudanese cardiologists practicing in Sudan and abroad with a distinguished panel of guests from Arab countries, Europe and the United States. Since then the international conference became a regular annular activity in SHS calendar.

SHS has active working groups on interventional cardiology, cardiac imaging, electrophysiology, pediatric cardiology, cardiac surgery and rheumatic heart disease with regular meetings with strong presence of cardiologists and cardiology fellows with focus on promoting evidence based cardiology and optimizing patient care.

Sudan Heart Journal (SHJ) ,established in 2012 is another addition to academic activities of SHS.

The society recognizes the importance of a strong advocacy role to promote heart health in the community. The society supports the antismoking campaign by the Ministry of Health and many of its members are also members of the Anti-Smoking Society of Sudan. SHS regularly celebrates the World Heart Day with many activities focusing on the importance of promoting healthy living.

SHS encourages its members to have an active role in the regional and international cardiac societies and meetings with regular participation in the Pan African Society of cardiology (PASCAR) meetings.

The first ever PASCAR cardiac imaging conference was held in Khartoum in January 2016 with strong African presence. For the last eight years members of Sudan Heart Society have held the positions of PASCAR Vice-President (North) (Dr.Ahmed Alsayed and Dr.Saad Subahi )and PASCAR Assistant Secretary (North) (Dr.Ahmed Suliman and Dr. Awad Abdulla).

Cumulative efforts by SHS and its representatives in PASCAR have resulted in selecting Sudan as a host for the PASCAR Conference and the World Heart Federation Global Summit in October 2017.

Similar relations have been established with cardiac societies in the Arab world with regular participation in their conferences and meetings. The major and exciting success of SHS is when it became in 2013 an affiliated society with the European society of Cardiology (ESC).

In spite of the many successes of SHS , during its short history, still a lot of effort is being exerted to formulate future plans and activities to elevate and enhance the practice of cardiology in the country.

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